Halloween Ideas for your Garage Door

It’s that time of the year again, Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to think of creative ways to make your house look spooky. Decorating your garage door for Halloween can be a great way to get those trick-or-treaters once and for all. Whether you go all out for with spooky decorations or decorate lightly here are few ideas to add some “spook” into your month.

Decals Decals and More Decals

You can never go wrong with spooky decals. They are as easy as purchasing and pining to your garage door. Make sure that they decals peel off easily and don’t damage the paint of your garage door. If you are not in the mood to shop around for decals and your creative edge is itching for something spooky, you can DIY by painting on a large bedsheet and pining it to your garage door.

Mini Haunted House

  ­Why not transform your garage into a mini haunted house? You can even bribe your family and friends with candy to volunteer as spooky characters . Aside from volunteers, there are many ways to enrich the haunted experience such as using sound effects and a fog machine. You can also have fun with specific haunted themes, such as an asylum, a mad scientists lab, or a zombie breakout.

Scary Movie Screen   

With a few chairs, a projector and a computer, you can transform your Garage Door into  a large screen. Make sure you play movies suitable for your guests’ age. Pick a scary movie to make sure you spook the trick-or-treaters and save all the candy for yourself.

Fun is important but safety is even more important. If you plan on using your garage door or garage for Halloween call up one of our  technicians for a tune-up package to ensure all the hardware and mechanisms of your garage door are operating effectively.

Preventive Maintenance for your Garage Door

Being the largest moving part of your house, performing regular maintenance for your garage door is necessary for preventing high repair costs and most importantly garage door injuries. Below are three tips for preventive maintenance homeowners can do to keep your garage door operating smoothly.


1.    Listen to Noises


Noises such as grinding and scraping are often key indicators of problems with your garage door. Observe your garage door as you use it daily, and determine whether it is operating smoothly or making any strange noises.  


2.     Perform Regular Maintenance


Garage Doors move hundreds of time a year; the constant movement can loosen some of the hardware. A regular tune-ups you can ensure a longer life out if your garage door, and prevent serious damage and harm caused by loose hardware or your garage door losing.  


3.     Rollers Springs and Cables


Part of the tune-up package offered by Smartek garage doors includes the inspection of rollers. Our technicians remove and reinstall any roller brackets that are worn out or broken. As for springs and cables it is important to call a technician right away for repairs and replacement. Doing it yourself can be extremely dangerous as these parts are loaded with tension and have the potential to seriously harm you


Performing regular tune-ups is important in order to keep your garage door operating smoothly and prevent serious damage. Call one of our technicians today to schedule a service tune-up call.

Is Your Garage Door Ready For Winter?

Canada’s harsh winter has arrived, although the excessive snow is white gold to some, the winter season can nonetheless be damaging to your garage door. That is, the snow, ice, wind and rain could disturb the normal operation of your garage door.

Luckily making sure that your garage door is set for winter is an easy process that saves you lengthy and costly repairs.

How can you Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter?
At Smartek we offer Tune-up packages that will ensure your garage door will remain operational season long. All it takes is calling to schedule an appointment for a garage door Tune-up.
Our qualified technicians will ensure proper maintenance of your garage door through a process that includes:

• Levelling Adjustment
• Spring Adjustment
• Opener chain & force Adjustment
• Ensure Sensors are clear
• Lubricate Track and rollers
• Check hinges and locks for dust and replace if necessary.

For a warmer garage we also offer weather stripping as a layer of insulation. Weather stripping is essential in protecting your home from any weather damage including snow and rains from storms.

So what are you Waiting for?
Our qualified and experience technicians are available 24/7 for all your garage door needs. Not only do we provide the highest quality from the most recognized manufacturers but also unbeatable processes guaranteed.

Broken Garage Door Spring? Are you Thinking of Repairing Your Garage Door Spring on Your Own? Here’s Why You Should not

In a time and age where DIY projects are popular in many aspects of our daily lives, this trend is dangerous if it spreads to repairs and installation of your garage door.

Garage door issues such as broken springs are often underestimated in the amount of time, effort, and danger they pose, this is why you should count on qualified technicians for your garage door needs.

When you notice your garage spring broken, you might wonder if perhaps fixing it yourself is a good idea, but here’s why we strongly advise against it.

Remember that all the garage door parts are interconnected. The mechanisms of your garage door are under extreme tension that’s due to the weight of the door. The springs secure the counterweight system, which is connected to the hinge, the lifting cable and to the steel shaft around the spring. Now you can imagine that trying to lift the bottom hinge is equivalent to lifting the entire weight of the door which ranges from over 120 lb for a single garage door and 220 lb for a double garage door. One wrong move and you can severely injure yourself.

Also as part of your reasoning why you should do the repair, you might think that your door opener will hold the weight of the door. But remember garage door openers are meant to substitute human action of lifting a door open, and therefore they are not designed to hold a heavy weight.

As a rule of thumb all repairs involving your garage door require the experience and expertise of qualified technicians, which is what we offer at Smartek Garage Doors.

Our technicians have the right skills and tools to do the job and accommodate for both your budget and your time.

So why do it yourself while you can call us at (647) 447-3121 and well do it for you and save you the hassle !!

Garage Door Repair or Replacement Provides a Large Yield in Resale Value

Did you know that repairing or installing your garage door is a smart investment?
That’s right, not only does a new garage door improve the curb appearance of your house but according to Remodelling Magazine can yield up to 91.5% in resale value.

Although big renovations such as hardwood floor installation and extensive kitchen remodelling are great for homeowners, there often is an unrealized value in more humble upgrades such as garage doors. After all if you are looking to resell your house the first thing that will appear to any potential buyer is the front yard and the garage door of the house. In fact according to Relator.com “Curb appeal is a very important thing to remember. When a potential buyer comes to see your home, the first impression is the front yard”.

As if you required more reason to fix or install your garage door, not only do well maintained garage doors make a great impression but they also provide an undeniable sense of security to home residents.

Now if you’re wondering how much a new garage door costs, well that all depends on what you are looking for. Prices can range depending on the model, style, and insulation of the garage door. Call one of our technicians at Smartek to get a quote for your particular garage door needs. There is no job too big or too small for our experts, and as part of our commitment to you we guarantee an unbeatable service that fits both your time and most importantly your budget.

Recommended Openers For Your Garage Door

Did you garage door opener stop working? Are you looking to repair or change your garage door opener ? Here’s what you need to know before purchasing a new garage door opener.

With so many openers available in the market, choosing the right one is often a complicated process. Below we discuss different types and brands of garage door openers to ease your choice.

Opener Types 

There are two different types of openers that perform similar functions however have different noise levels.

  1. Belt Driven Openers
  • Highly recommended opener due to its low noise level
  • Operated by a very durable rubber belt
  • Comes in various motor strength depending on the weight of your door
  • Heavier doors require motors with a higher horsepower

2. Chain Driven Openers

  • Operated by a strong and durable chain
  • Recommended if you have a detached garage door
  • If your garage is situated  under a bedroom the noise maybe a nuisance

Motor Strength 

As previously mentioned the strength of an opener motor is dependent on the weight of the door. Hence heavier doors requires a stronger motor with higher horsepower.

For  most residential garage door models  horsepower ratings range from 1/2 HP to 1-1/2 HP.

If you have double car garage door a 1/2 HP would be sufficient but for less effort a higher motor would be more efficient.


Still cant decide ? Call our garage door experts for advice you can count on!