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Halloween Ideas for your Garage Door

By October 17, 2017 March 28th, 2019 No Comments

It’s that time of the year again, Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to think of creative ways to make your house look spooky. Decorating your garage door for Halloween can be a great way to get those trick-or-treaters once and for all. Whether you go all out for with spooky decorations or decorate lightly here are few ideas to add some “spook” into your month.

Decals Decals and More Decals

You can never go wrong with spooky decals. They are as easy as purchasing and pining to your garage door. Make sure that they decals peel off easily and don’t damage the paint of your garage door. If you are not in the mood to shop around for decals and your creative edge is itching for something spooky, you can DIY by painting on a large bedsheet and pining it to your garage door.

Mini Haunted House

­Why not transform your garage into a mini haunted house? You can even bribe your family and friends with candy to volunteer as spooky characters . Aside from volunteers, there are many ways to enrich the haunted experience such as using sound effects and a fog machine. You can also have fun with specific haunted themes, such as an asylum, a mad scientists lab, or a zombie breakout.

Scary Movie Screen

With a few chairs, a projector and a computer, you can transform your Garage Door into a large screen. Make sure you play movies suitable for your guests’ age. Pick a scary movie to make sure you spook the trick-or-treaters and save all the candy for yourself.

Fun is important but safety is even more important. If you plan on using your garage door or garage for Halloween call up one of our technicians for a tune-up package to ensure all the hardware and mechanisms of your garage door are operating effectively.