Last Minute Unique Mother’s Day gift ideas

Today is a special day. Not only do we have some sunshine in the GTA region but we also have a big celebration; Its Mothers Day Weekend!

Ofcourse most mothers love jewlery and shiny things, and you can never go wrong with some flowers and a fancy “overpriced”  box of chocolates. But if you really want to impress the mothers in your life why not go beyond these average gifts? Why not do something she will “really” appreciate?
We put  together some ideas to make sure you impress the strong women in your life:
1. Clean up the garage
Gifts don’t always have to be tangible you know? While cleaning you are literally breaking a sweat for your mom wife or significant other. You are saving her time and effort. Not only is it something that she wont be expecting but it will be appreciated.
You can also get creative and get shelve and organization units to make sure the garage is exactly to her taste.
Get her a Garage Door Opener
In this day and age we want things to be easy and simple, things like opening a garage door should not take so much effort. That’s why getting an automatic garage door opener is a gift she’ll be thankful for every time she gets in and put from the garage.
For openers you have two options a chain or belt drive opener. The main difference Is that the latter tends to be much quieter. So if you have a room directly above or ajasent to your garage door it is highly recommended you install a belt opener.
Change her garage door
Now you have to be careful with this one. This should be a collaborative effort to endure that the new garage door is exactly her desired taste. If she mentibed changing the garage door, this would be a good time to go through with it. Of course you are covering the costs so dont even try to get around that.
Garage Doors come in different material,styles, colors and insulation. Our garage door experts can help you customize the perfect door that fits your vision and budget.
Now you are struggling to find a gift that shows how much you appreciate all the hard work the mothers in your life do. But that’s okay always remember that the best gift is being there. Celebrate your mother or the mother’s in your life every day.

Ice Storm and your Garage Door

Just when we thought the nice warm weather was upon us, Ontario was hit with a blast of winter. The ice storm has caused tremendous damage to property and many road accidents. Its clear that this is not your typical April shower as Environment Canada has issues several warnings. While we can wear layers and avoid the cold, the same cannot be said about our garage doors. The icy cold weather could cause malfunctions in your garage door. Below are a few things that can happen to your garage door and ways you can avoid or fix them:

Frozen Garage Door

One reason your garage door might not open is due to ice and snow build-up under the door causing it to freeze to the ground. In this situation, use a heat gun and scraping tools to melt the ice. At this point you can manually try to open the door, make sure you do not force it open, as you will cause damage for both your door and opener.

Ice and snow can also accumulate between garage door panels, which could also hinder the operation. Again you can use heat to apply against the frozen parts of the door.

Garage Door Openers

 If you have a garage door remote or keypad, the cold weather could drain the battery. If you have noticed the remote and keypad are not working and the door is not opening when it happens to be extremely cold, try replacing the batteries.

The cold weather could also contribute to the thickening of lubrication on the opener parts including the sensors. The sensors are designed to stop if objects are in the way, and a thicker lubrication could be interpreted as an object and therefore interfere with the operation.

Broken Garage Door Spring

Aside from wear and tear, the cold weather could also cause your garage door spring to break. In this situation you should never try to do it yourself, as it could be very dangerous. In this case call one of our garage door technicians.

From Smartek we hope that you and your family are safe through the winter storm. And while we can’t control the weather we can promise to be here for all your garage door needs. When it comes to garage doors, doing it yourself could be dangerous.

Whether you are looking to repair winter damage, install a new garage door, replace and install spring and cables, we offer free over the phone quote and same day response with a solution that fits your needs

Garage Treasures- How to Have a Fun and Productive Garage Sale

With the sunshine out, It is time for spring cleaning, and spring cleaning means throwing out a lot of things. But as the saying goes, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, so why throw away things that you might otherwise sell in a garage sale?

While doing your spring cleaning this year, don’t forget your garage. It might hold a lot of things that you may have forgotten about and don’t need. Having a  garage sale is a fun way of getting rid of things you don’t need while making some money.

We have put together some tips to have a fun and successful garage sale:

1. While cleaning throw less and keep more

Things that are of no use to you could be of use to your neighbour down the street, or other passersbys when you do a garage sale. Therefore, the first step of a successful garage sale is having things to sell. The more things you have to sell the more fun it will be, and the more cash you will make.

2.    Good Weather

The weather is still unpredictable and to ensure the maximum amount of fun during your garage sale make sure you check the weather forecast for a sunny day. Also, keep in mind that weekends might be better in attracting more people, since many tend to be free.

3.   Promote

Now that you have the things and the date set, it is time to talk to your neighbours and promote your garage door sales. You can also choose to hang posters on other streets nearby. Social media is also another way to go, you can reach most of your friends and family through a single post.

4. Give away what’s left

–      By the end of your garage door, if you find yourself left with a lot of things, start giving them out for free. You would be surprised as to how many people will take things they don’t need just because they’re offered for free. Plus it would save you time cleaning up

Most importantly have fun, it’s a two bird in one stone kind of situation, cleaning and having fun. From the Smartek Garage Door Family we wish you a warm and fun spring season.


Spring into Action and Repair your Garage Door

With spring around the corner, it is time for you to spring into action and repair or replace your garage door.

So you have been putting off your garage door repair for a while now. It is no surprise that the cold winter days can deter us from doing productive and necessary things around the house. Now the sun is peaking out and the wind is getting warmer, your excuse of the cold is slowly becoming invalid.

With Spring around the corner, it is the perfect time to do garage door maintenance repairs and even replacement. The long winter days are very harsh on your garage door and  hardware . Accordingly, garage door tune-ups are recommended after the end of the winter season, to ensure everything is operating safely. While cleaning your garage door or writing down a to-do list for the spring, don’t forget to also confirm that your garage door is functional and safe. If you don’t know what to look for in checking for the proper operation of your garage door, call one of our technicians who will be happy to assist you.

An important part of your garage door that you might consider replacing is your spring. This is a fundamental counterbalance system part of your garage door. And while it might not be broken, your garage door spring might have lost its strength over the years and especially after the harsh winter season. When it comes to replacing a spring do not try it yourself. While DIY projects are often fun and they can save you money, doing major changes on your garage door system without any experience or qualification could be fatal. Our technician will ensure that the job is done safely and fits your time and budget.

Another reason to add garage door maintenance and repair to your spring to do list is the many seasonal promotions. In celebration of the sunshine and our customers spring is a special time for us to give back, which is why we have many promotions that can save you money on your garage door repairs. Call or email for the latest promotions  and let us help you spring into you action. Smartek’s technicians are trained to identify problems and most importantly in preventative care. That is identify potential problems at an early stage that otherwise would cost you must more once they escalate.

This is the season of cleaning and renewal, it’s the season to get things in order and enjoy the sunshine. Take the first step and contact us for a thorough breakdown of the operational performance  of your garage door today.



Paying Too Much in Heat Bills? How Garage Door Insulation will Save you Hundreds in Utility Bills.

Are you paying too much in utility bills for your house? have you ever considered the role your garage door plays when it comes to those high bills in the winter days?

More often than not tips on how to save on energy bills focus on the interior of your home. Whether to install more efficient windows, doors, or heating systems, the role of your garage door is often overlooked.

Non insulated garage doors will contribute to higher energy bills as they allow cold air to escape from outside into the neighbouring rooms. Also, with weak or no insulation the warm air that is generated through your heating system can escape through your garage.

Sometimes not all garage doors are suitable to add insulation, in those cases replacing your garage door, or opting for garage doors with built in insulation is worth it. This could save you hundreds of dollars on you heating bills annually.

Not only will you save money on your heating bills during the cold winter months, but also you will have a more durable garage door. The construction of insulated garage doors with an additional layer makes them more durable than regular non insulated garage doors. The thicker layer makes it harder to dent the door from daily activities, thus making insulate  doors longer lasting.

After you have your insulated garage door installed, it’s time to seal it with weather stripping. This will ensure minimal escape of heat and cold air out and in your house.

With the harsh winter conditions, preparing your garage door for the cold could serve you well by saving you money on utility bills. It’s not too late to install an insulated garage door or weather stripping. Give one of our technicians a call and we will schedule you in to prepare your garage door for these harsh winter days.


Don’t wait to save money call one of our experienced garage door technicians at Smartek to get your new insulated garage door.


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New Year New Garage Door Resolution

I know it is hard to believe that 2018 is just around the corner. It seems like just yesterday we were still making our 2017 new year resolutions. But let’s be fair 2017 has brought with it many distractions ranging from presidential inauguration to the bitcoin frenzy, to the upcoming Kardashian baby boom. This has made it hard to keep track let alone accomplish all of our new year’s resolution for 2017. Take it easy on your self because 2018 is a chance to catch up on the missed and forgotten promises and perhaps make some room for new ones.  Among the many goals you wish to accomplish, like spiritual, financial, and health goals don’t forget your property and in particular your garage door needs.

Here are a few resolutions from the Smartek team for your Garage Door.

Don’t Drive into the Poor Door 

so you’ve had a long day at work and not enough caffeine to get you through it, you just want to get home, have a nice meal, watch some comedy, and get a good nights sleep. Before you do all that you pull into your driveway and are trying to reverse park your car into the garage, you know you pressed the button to open the door and therefore you don’t bother to look over your shoulder to confirm that the door is open all the way, and so you reverse… BANG.. and the nightmare continues… that is not the noise you want to hear after a long day. So why not make a resolution to save you both car and garage door repair costs. Vow to yourself that you will not backup until you are certain the garage door is open all the way, even if it involves looking over your shoulder or getting out of the car.

Get a Maintenance Check   

More often than not our garage doors become the most neglected part of our house. This is despite its importance to the curb appeal and to the value of the property. A good new years resolution is getting regular maintenance checks for your garage doors. At Smartek we offer affordable packages to ensure that your garage door and all the hardware is functioning properly. A diagnostic check will give you a chance to change any defected hardware before the problem gets more serious and therefore more expensive. Call one of your qualified technicians today to ensure that your garage door is functioning properly. Do not wait for a problem to happen as that can cost you a lot more.  

Leaping Infront of your Sensor

Seriously, this habit has to stop. Despite the technological advancements and the ability of your sensors to detect moving objects, there has been glitches and defects that have lead to serious injuries. Moving under your garage door while it is opening and closing is dangerous and has previously lead to people being trapped under the door and in some unfortunate cases, to fatal injuries. The way you can prevent this for both your and your children is not to move under the garage door while it is in operation.

Perhaps among your resolutions this year is taking care if your garage door. The thing is with garage doors keeping their hardware maintained and up to date will, in turn, keep you happy. Whether you have ideas of renovating the space, installing a new opener, changing the style and color of your garage door we have the right tools and people to get the job done. 

we wish you all a happy new year and hope you allow our experts to accomplish your garage door new years resolutions.

Choosing the Right Color for your Garage Door


Choosing the Right Garage Door Color

So you are in the process of finalizing your garage door choice. You have decided on the material, the insulation level and now you are stuck on the colour. Although, the insulation and the material, whether aluminum, wood or steel are important, the colour of your garage door is the most appealing element.  This is why it is important to take time in choosing the right color that will contribute to the curb appeal in your house. 


 Although there are a variety of colors to choose from, keep in mind that your garage door should complement your house as a whole and especially your front door. Below is a list of the most popular garage door colors.


 Classic White

You can be sure to brighten your house with this classic white colour. This is among the most popular choice for garage door colors. However, you do have to take extra caution with the white as any scratches and marks will be more visible. This colour works better if the exterior of your house is darker; as the contrast will give your house a rich aesthetic appeal.



If the shades of your house fall within the grey color scheme, then dark or soft grey could be the right choices for your garage door.  Based on the exterior color of your house this color choice could blend nicely to the background. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a trendier look, dark grey or even black is the way to go. Keep in mind if you do choose a darker color that doesn’t complement the exterior of your house it might be too distracting for potential homebuyers.



Sandstone Color

This is among the most popular choice for homeowners when it comes to garage door colors. This falls in the beige and taupe family making it easy to blend with the wide range of exterior colors. Choosing this color will camouflage your garage door in a way and making your house appear bigger. Also, any scratches or dirt are harder to see with this color unlike white. This is the neutral of garage doors with the soft and pale shade you can be sure that your house will be the focal point.


 Hazelnut Brown

If you are looking for a warmer shade and a compromise between very light and very dark garage door colors, this might be the right choice for you. Aside from hiding any dirt and scratches this color can be made to look like a wood door without the hefty price tag of a wooden garage door.



At the end of the day you can deliver the statement that you want through choosing the right garage door color. Whether you are looking for a color that stands out or one that blends in with the exterior of your house, your garage door will add to the aesthetic and architectural appeal of your house.


 Call one of our certified technicians today and allow us to guide you through your garage door choice. With free quotes and a wide selection of garage door types and colors from the most prominent manufacturers in the industry, you can be sure to find a garage door style and color that fits your taste.


Call us today at 647-447-3121 or email us at: for a free quote and unbeatable deals.


Tips to Consider When Buying a Garage Door

Some Tips to Consider When Buying a Garage Door

 Not only does investing in your garage door improve the curb appearance of your home, but also research has shown that it can increase the real estate value of you house. We know that with so many options out there, it can get a confusing when choosing the right garage door, this is why we put together some tips and things to consider before investing in your garage.

 Garage Door Material

Depending on your budget and preference there are a variety of garage door material to choose from and these are the most popular:

 1.   Steel Garage Doors

 o  These are the most popular Door types as they are available in a wide range of colour, sizes, and designs. You can customize anything from the colour to the windows and the amount of insulation on the doors.

 2.   Wood Garage Door

 o  Although these doors require more maintenance due to their sensitivity to harsh weather, you can be sure that they’ll offer the most distinctive look for your house. Wood overhead garage doors are made of cedar and you have the option to customize the insulation and windows.

 3.   Aluminum Garage Doors

o  These doors offer a more modern look . With an array of frame finishes and custom sizes you can be sure a suitable style for your home.


Garage Door Windows

 Windows can add a decorative element to your garage door. The glass for the windows is available in several types including clear, satin, frosted, tempered and wired glass. Although they do incur additional costs many homeowners find it to be a valuable investment increasing the curb appeal.


 The insulation you choose for your garage door mainly depends on the way you use your garage. If you garage door is attached to your house it is recommended that you choose an insulate garage door. The effectiveness of the insulation is measured by the R-value of the garage door, that is the higher the R-value the better that insulation. Homeowners who transform their garages and use them as an extra room are recommended to go for a high R-value to save energy.

 In addition to the above tips for selecting your garage door, it is important that the door comes with high quality hardware including the springs and cables. This will ultimately reduce any costs related to malfunctions of low quality garage door gear.

 If you are looking to change or repair your garage door, qualified technicians are available with brochures and guides to help you throughout the process. Did we mention you get free quotes? What better gift to give yourself this holiday season than to invest in your home and comfort.  

Halloween Ideas for your Garage Door

It’s that time of the year again, Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to think of creative ways to make your house look spooky. Decorating your garage door for Halloween can be a great way to get those trick-or-treaters once and for all. Whether you go all out for with spooky decorations or decorate lightly here are few ideas to add some “spook” into your month.

Decals Decals and More Decals

You can never go wrong with spooky decals. They are as easy as purchasing and pining to your garage door. Make sure that they decals peel off easily and don’t damage the paint of your garage door. If you are not in the mood to shop around for decals and your creative edge is itching for something spooky, you can DIY by painting on a large bedsheet and pining it to your garage door.

Mini Haunted House

  ­Why not transform your garage into a mini haunted house? You can even bribe your family and friends with candy to volunteer as spooky characters . Aside from volunteers, there are many ways to enrich the haunted experience such as using sound effects and a fog machine. You can also have fun with specific haunted themes, such as an asylum, a mad scientists lab, or a zombie breakout.

Scary Movie Screen   

With a few chairs, a projector and a computer, you can transform your Garage Door into  a large screen. Make sure you play movies suitable for your guests’ age. Pick a scary movie to make sure you spook the trick-or-treaters and save all the candy for yourself.

Fun is important but safety is even more important. If you plan on using your garage door or garage for Halloween call up one of our  technicians for a tune-up package to ensure all the hardware and mechanisms of your garage door are operating effectively.

Preventive Maintenance for your Garage Door

Being the largest moving part of your house, performing regular maintenance for your garage door is necessary for preventing high repair costs and most importantly garage door injuries. Below are three tips for preventive maintenance homeowners can do to keep your garage door operating smoothly.


1.    Listen to Noises


Noises such as grinding and scraping are often key indicators of problems with your garage door. Observe your garage door as you use it daily, and determine whether it is operating smoothly or making any strange noises.  


2.     Perform Regular Maintenance


Garage Doors move hundreds of time a year; the constant movement can loosen some of the hardware. A regular tune-ups you can ensure a longer life out if your garage door, and prevent serious damage and harm caused by loose hardware or your garage door losing.  


3.     Rollers Springs and Cables


Part of the tune-up package offered by Smartek garage doors includes the inspection of rollers. Our technicians remove and reinstall any roller brackets that are worn out or broken. As for springs and cables it is important to call a technician right away for repairs and replacement. Doing it yourself can be extremely dangerous as these parts are loaded with tension and have the potential to seriously harm you


Performing regular tune-ups is important in order to keep your garage door operating smoothly and prevent serious damage. Call one of our technicians today to schedule a service tune-up call.