Choosing the Right Color for your Garage Door


Choosing the Right Garage Door Color

So you are in the process of finalizing your garage door choice. You have decided on the material, the insulation level and now you are stuck on the colour. Although, the insulation and the material, whether aluminum, wood or steel are important, the colour of your garage door is the most appealing element.  This is why it is important to take time in choosing the right color that will contribute to the curb appeal in your house. 


 Although there are a variety of colors to choose from, keep in mind that your garage door should complement your house as a whole and especially your front door. Below is a list of the most popular garage door colors.


 Classic White

You can be sure to brighten your house with this classic white colour. This is among the most popular choice for garage door colors. However, you do have to take extra caution with the white as any scratches and marks will be more visible. This colour works better if the exterior of your house is darker; as the contrast will give your house a rich aesthetic appeal.



If the shades of your house fall within the grey color scheme, then dark or soft grey could be the right choices for your garage door.  Based on the exterior color of your house this color choice could blend nicely to the background. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a trendier look, dark grey or even black is the way to go. Keep in mind if you do choose a darker color that doesn’t complement the exterior of your house it might be too distracting for potential homebuyers.



Sandstone Color

This is among the most popular choice for homeowners when it comes to garage door colors. This falls in the beige and taupe family making it easy to blend with the wide range of exterior colors. Choosing this color will camouflage your garage door in a way and making your house appear bigger. Also, any scratches or dirt are harder to see with this color unlike white. This is the neutral of garage doors with the soft and pale shade you can be sure that your house will be the focal point.


 Hazelnut Brown

If you are looking for a warmer shade and a compromise between very light and very dark garage door colors, this might be the right choice for you. Aside from hiding any dirt and scratches this color can be made to look like a wood door without the hefty price tag of a wooden garage door.



At the end of the day you can deliver the statement that you want through choosing the right garage door color. Whether you are looking for a color that stands out or one that blends in with the exterior of your house, your garage door will add to the aesthetic and architectural appeal of your house.


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