NBA NFL NHL Transform your Garage Door into a mancave

The new NBA deal has rocked the city this morning. DeMar Derozan has been traded with Kawhi Leanard. Based on sport’s net Michael Grange “DeRozan wanted to be a Raptor for life and did nearly everything possible to prove that commitment on the floor, where you could always find him given his status as a modern-day NBA ironman”. However the game was not as loyal to him. While looking forward to one of the best players in the MBA, the six is also hurting. What do sports have to do with garage doors though? Well to be truthful nothing directly, but we hope that in this article we can help you transform your garage doors into a comfortable man cave so you never miss a Raptors game or any sports game. Ready to create a getaway within your home, refer to the guide below to create the perfect garage door:


  1. Clean out your garage
  • Take out all the clutter in your garage. It’s okay work hard now and play later. Start with a blank canvas so that you can rearrange the space into anything you want. For the things you don’t need you can try to sell in a garage sale or get rid of otherwise.
  1. Make sure your garage door is insulated
  • Insulation is important, considering it gets pretty cold in Canada. For football Sunday or evening basketball you must have an insulated garage door.
  1. Choose a theme
  • Having a theme or idea in mind will make it easier to achieve the man cave of your dream. Whether you want carpet, tiles or hardwood, or prefer to keep the current concrete is up to you.
  1. Pull out sofa
  • For those nights your partner is mad at you or long sports night, its beneficial to have a pullout couch.
  1. Mini Bar
  • how about a nice fridge for all those beer to get you through these stressfully sports games? Here at Smartek we think its always a good idea after a long day of work. 

Last Minute Unique Mother’s Day gift ideas

Today is a special day. Not only do we have some sunshine in the GTA region but we also have a big celebration; Its Mothers Day Weekend!

Ofcourse most mothers love jewlery and shiny things, and you can never go wrong with some flowers and a fancy “overpriced”  box of chocolates. But if you really want to impress the mothers in your life why not go beyond these average gifts? Why not do something she will “really” appreciate?
We put  together some ideas to make sure you impress the strong women in your life:
1. Clean up the garage
Gifts don’t always have to be tangible you know? While cleaning you are literally breaking a sweat for your mom wife or significant other. You are saving her time and effort. Not only is it something that she wont be expecting but it will be appreciated.
You can also get creative and get shelve and organization units to make sure the garage is exactly to her taste.
Get her a Garage Door Opener
In this day and age we want things to be easy and simple, things like opening a garage door should not take so much effort. That’s why getting an automatic garage door opener is a gift she’ll be thankful for every time she gets in and put from the garage.
For openers you have two options a chain or belt drive opener. The main difference Is that the latter tends to be much quieter. So if you have a room directly above or ajasent to your garage door it is highly recommended you install a belt opener.
Change her garage door
Now you have to be careful with this one. This should be a collaborative effort to endure that the new garage door is exactly her desired taste. If she mentibed changing the garage door, this would be a good time to go through with it. Of course you are covering the costs so dont even try to get around that.
Garage Doors come in different material,styles, colors and insulation. Our garage door experts can help you customize the perfect door that fits your vision and budget.
Now you are struggling to find a gift that shows how much you appreciate all the hard work the mothers in your life do. But that’s okay always remember that the best gift is being there. Celebrate your mother or the mother’s in your life every day.

New Year New Garage Door Resolution

I know it is hard to believe that 2018 is just around the corner. It seems like just yesterday we were still making our 2017 new year resolutions. But let’s be fair 2017 has brought with it many distractions ranging from presidential inauguration to the bitcoin frenzy, to the upcoming Kardashian baby boom. This has made it hard to keep track let alone accomplish all of our new year’s resolution for 2017. Take it easy on your self because 2018 is a chance to catch up on the missed and forgotten promises and perhaps make some room for new ones.  Among the many goals you wish to accomplish, like spiritual, financial, and health goals don’t forget your property and in particular your garage door needs.

Here are a few resolutions from the Smartek team for your Garage Door.

Don’t Drive into the Poor Door 

so you’ve had a long day at work and not enough caffeine to get you through it, you just want to get home, have a nice meal, watch some comedy, and get a good nights sleep. Before you do all that you pull into your driveway and are trying to reverse park your car into the garage, you know you pressed the button to open the door and therefore you don’t bother to look over your shoulder to confirm that the door is open all the way, and so you reverse… BANG.. and the nightmare continues… that is not the noise you want to hear after a long day. So why not make a resolution to save you both car and garage door repair costs. Vow to yourself that you will not backup until you are certain the garage door is open all the way, even if it involves looking over your shoulder or getting out of the car.

Get a Maintenance Check   

More often than not our garage doors become the most neglected part of our house. This is despite its importance to the curb appeal and to the value of the property. A good new years resolution is getting regular maintenance checks for your garage doors. At Smartek we offer affordable packages to ensure that your garage door and all the hardware is functioning properly. A diagnostic check will give you a chance to change any defected hardware before the problem gets more serious and therefore more expensive. Call one of your qualified technicians today to ensure that your garage door is functioning properly. Do not wait for a problem to happen as that can cost you a lot more.  

Leaping Infront of your Sensor

Seriously, this habit has to stop. Despite the technological advancements and the ability of your sensors to detect moving objects, there has been glitches and defects that have lead to serious injuries. Moving under your garage door while it is opening and closing is dangerous and has previously lead to people being trapped under the door and in some unfortunate cases, to fatal injuries. The way you can prevent this for both your and your children is not to move under the garage door while it is in operation.

Perhaps among your resolutions this year is taking care if your garage door. The thing is with garage doors keeping their hardware maintained and up to date will, in turn, keep you happy. Whether you have ideas of renovating the space, installing a new opener, changing the style and color of your garage door we have the right tools and people to get the job done. 

we wish you all a happy new year and hope you allow our experts to accomplish your garage door new years resolutions.

Recommended Openers For Your Garage Door

Did you garage door opener stop working? Are you looking to repair or change your garage door opener ? Here’s what you need to know before purchasing a new garage door opener.

With so many openers available in the market, choosing the right one is often a complicated process. Below we discuss different types and brands of garage door openers to ease your choice.

Opener Types 

There are two different types of openers that perform similar functions however have different noise levels.

  1. Belt Driven Openers
  • Highly recommended opener due to its low noise level
  • Operated by a very durable rubber belt
  • Comes in various motor strength depending on the weight of your door
  • Heavier doors require motors with a higher horsepower

2. Chain Driven Openers

  • Operated by a strong and durable chain
  • Recommended if you have a detached garage door
  • If your garage is situated  under a bedroom the noise maybe a nuisance

Motor Strength 

As previously mentioned the strength of an opener motor is dependent on the weight of the door. Hence heavier doors requires a stronger motor with higher horsepower.

For  most residential garage door models  horsepower ratings range from 1/2 HP to 1-1/2 HP.

If you have double car garage door a 1/2 HP would be sufficient but for less effort a higher motor would be more efficient.


Still cant decide ? Call our garage door experts for advice you can count on!