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Recommended Openers For Your Garage Door

By October 29, 2016 March 28th, 2019 No Comments

Did you garage door opener stop working? Are you looking to repair or change your garage door opener ? Here’s what you need to know before purchasing a new garage door opener.

With so many openers available in the market, choosing the right one is often a complicated process. Below we discuss different types and brands of garage door openers to ease your choice.

Opener Types

There are two different types of openers that perform similar functions however have different noise levels.

  1. Belt Driven Openers
  • Highly recommended opener due to its low noise level
  • Operated by a very durable rubber belt
  • Comes in various motor strength depending on the weight of your door
  • Heavier doors require motors with a higher horsepower

2. Chain Driven Openers

  • Operated by a strong and durable chain
  • Recommended if you have a detached garage door
  • If your garage is situated under a bedroom the noise maybe a nuisance

Motor Strength

As previously mentioned the strength of an opener motor is dependent on the weight of the door. Hence heavier doors requires a stronger motor with higher horsepower.

For most residential garage door models horsepower ratings range from 1/2 HP to 1-1/2 HP.

If you have double car garage door a 1/2 HP would be sufficient but for less effort a higher motor would be more efficient.


Still cant decide ? Call our garage door experts for advice you can count on!