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From minor garage door services to new installations, Smartek Garage Doors technicians are the professionals you can rely on for quality work at great prices.

Based in Ajax, we serve homeowners in the Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Let us help you maintain a beautiful and functional garage door.

Repairs for All Your Garage Door Problems

Garage doors are durable pieces of equipment, but they are still susceptible to damage and other problems. Some common issues you might experience include:

  • Nonresponsive garage door opener. A garage door that doesn’t open or close when you press the remote could have several causes. First, check that the batteries aren’t dead. Another possible cause is that the photo eyes are misaligned or something is blocking the path of the door.
  • Stuck garage door. If your garage door gets stuck halfway, the springs may be to blame. Or something might be obstructing the tracks, rollers, or hinges and preventing the door from going through its full range of motion.
  • Unusual noises. A grinding noise is often a sign of misaligned tracks. Our technicians can realign the tracks for you so your door operates smoothly again.
  • Rapid closing. If your door drops suddenly with a loud bang, that’s a sure-fire sign of a broken tension spring or cable. Repairing the tension spring or cable is a dangerous job best left to a professional.

No matter what issues you’re dealing with, our technicians have the expertise to resolve them.

If you are paying for repairs more and more often, it may be time for a replacement. Most garage doors only last about 30 years, and the opener may fail after 10.

If you’re ready for a new garage door, Smartek Garage Doors can show you several beautiful options in styles suited to your home. We supply garage doors from top manufacturers, so you’ll get excellent value for your money.

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